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Diablo II Game Arena


D2GA is a Diablo II: Lord of Destruction server that enables players to quickly and easily begin dueling with others.

You are provided with in-game facilities that allow you to construct the character of your choice. This includes access to the vast majority of items along with the ability to instantly increase your character's level.

The game is accessed using your single-player characters, of which you are free to optionally create or modify using a character-editor. To prevent cheating, characters are automatically checked by the server to ensure they conform to the game rules (ie., they are "legit").


  • No client-side changes, configuration or installation required.
  • Standard ("vanilla") 1.14 gameplay.
  • Accessed using your local characters.
  • Instant leveling and access to items.
  • Convenience features; spawn-with-body, stash & Akara located near Blood Moor entrance, etc
  • Per-game limit of 32 players (there are multiple game instances)

Before you begin

D2GA is a stand-alone game server that is accessed using your single-player characters. Characters are required to conform to the 1.14 game ruleset; those that don't will be unable to duel with others.

Although not required, it is highly recommended that you install D2EX. This tool will reduce your in-game delay and enable you to enter the game much, much quicker.

How to connect

The recommended method to join D2GA is via Other Multiplayer -> TCP/IP ->

Alternatively you may also join from Open (any realm) using the game name d2ga. Be aware that this method is both unreliable and will result in a potentially significant increase of in-game delay (lag)

Supported client versions: 1.10 or later.


Equipping your character

The southern region of Kurast Docks provides vendors of which supply all uniques, set items and runewords. A character-editor is the recommended method to supplement what is not available from the vendors directly.

You can access this area directly using the portal available in the Cathedral where you spawn.


  • Contrary to the prices displayed by vendors: items cost 0 gold.
  • When gambling or using a recipe, the generated affixes will always spawn with the highest value stats.

Chat Commands

The following is a list of commands you can use in-game on D2GA.

Commands are entered the same as normal chat messages. Each command begins with a period character (dot) followed by the command name and zero or more space-separated parameters.

For example to use the "setlevel" command to set your character to level 99 you would type: .setlevel 99

  • join game

    Sets the currently selected game to game affecting all subsequent characters you join with.

  • games

    Shows a list of all current games available and the number of contained players within each.

  • whereis player

    Displays the current game and idle status of player player

  • safemode

    Toggles safe-mode on/off. When enabled, safe-mode enforces the requirement of mutual hostility between yourself and others, that is, hostility will only be enabled once you agree to hostility by way of standard in-game hostility (the "swords" icon"). The effects of safe-mode are not retroactive.

  • create name[//password] [seed]

    Creates a new game with the name name and with the optional password password. You may also optionally specify seed which controls the map layout.

    Example usage:

    • create Foo -- Creates a new game called "Foo" with no password, and a random map.
    • create Foo//Bar -- Creates a password protected game with the name "Foo" and the password "Bar".
    • create Foo//Bar A8FE107B -- Same as above however the map layout identified by "A8FE107B"

  • seed

    Displays the map seed of the current game which may be used with the create command.

  • regname name

    Takes ownership of the character name specified by name, binding it to your account and granting you to the exclusive right to its use.

    Players may own up to 32 character names. Registered character names expire nominally after 2 months of no usage.

  • unregname name

    Releases ownership of a character name previously registered using regname.

  • shownames

    Displays a list of your currently owned (registered) character names.

  • share account character

    Permits the player identified by account account access to download your character character. You must have previously registered the character name.

  • gshare

    Toggles Global Sharing on/off. Global Sharing, when enabled, permits all players download access to all characters which have a registered name associated with your account.

  • download [account!]character | token

    Downloads the character specified by the name character, optionally of the owning account account. This form is only permitted when the owning account has global-sharing enabled (see:gshare)

    Alternatively you may specify the download token token which was previously generated by a player sharing a character with you via share

    Important: Downloading a character overwrites the character you are currently connected with. The newly downloaded character's name will be that of your current character.

    Example usage:

    • download Foo -- Downloads the character "Foo". The name must be registered and the owner must have global-sharing enabled.
    • download Bar!Foo -- Downloads the character "Foo", which is (and must be) owned by the D2GA account "Bar".
    • download dGhpcyBpc -- Downloads a character previously shared with you identified by token "dGhpcyBpc"

  • hostall

    Request hostility with all players within the current game.

  • attn

    Announces a server-wide message to be used for the exclusive purpose of advertising position availability in recognized games (currently those of a team-based nature).

    Abuse of this feature will lead to privilege revocation.

  • quiet

    Toggles quiet mode on/off. Quiet mode, when enabled, suppresses the display of non-local player join notices ("Player has entered the game")

  • rank [player]

    Displays the PvP ladder rank of player. If you do not supply player then the command will show your rank.

  • login username password

    Login to the D2GA account specified by username with the password password

  • setpass password

    Sets your current D2GA account password to password

  • score playerA [playerB]

    Displays the current respective kill-count between either oneself and playerA or between playerA and playerB

  • setlevel level

    Sets your character to the level specified by level

  • maxblock

    Shows the required dexterity to achieve maximum block (75%).

  • stats character

    Displays various information about the specified character specified by character. If you do not specify a character, your character will be used.

  • users

    Show the total number of players online.

  • ping character

    Displays the ping of the character specified by character. If you do not specify a character, your character will be used.

  • idle character

    Shows how long character has been idle for (no game interaction).

  • simlat delay

    Simulates network latency, delay specifies the target delay, in milliseconds.

    Internally this is implemented by simply assuming asymmetric path latency, affecting both ingress and egress traffic by delay/2.


To send a private message (termed a whisper) you use the @ character, the name of the character you want to whisper, followed by a space and the message you wish to send.

Note that partial character names are supported when whispering, thus to whisper Foobar you could alternatively use: @Foo Hi Foobar.

D2GA additionally supports two special conventions:

  • @r replies to the player who last whispered you.
  • @s sends to the player you last whispered.

You can whisper a character regardless of the game they are in.


To accomodate the wide variety of playstyles Diablo II players are accustomed to in respect to dueling all players are required to honor the rule of mutual hostility.

Mutual hostility dictates that both parties MUST consent to the presence of the "Hostile" state, honoring requests for it's removal in a prompt and unquestioning fashion. During the understandable and inevitable delay between transitions, both players MUST assume they are in a neutral state and as such do not engage the other in any way.

When communicating with others, use some common sense: low intensity "trash talk" is acceptable, while belligerent, racist and/or otherwise antisocial behaviour will likely lead to revocation of privileges.


Following attempts to document the various conventions and other informal rules that players generally abide by while dueling in Diablo II (and therefor on D2GA)

While you are not required to do so, upholding these conventions will help you integrate into the community more easily.

Requesting to duel.

A player wishing to duel should first make themself available by relocating to the vicinity of their opponent and being generally ready to begin. Be sure to hostile all potential duelers.

Once ready you may either announce your interest in dueling using the phrase "gs1" ("go, someone"), indicating you're prepared to duel anyone, optionally qualifying this with the particular category/build of character you're willing to compete against (e.g, "gs1 melee" for melee-only duelers)

Initiating a duel.

After two players have established interest in dueling, each are to position their characters a short distance from the other. If it is a melee duel, the distance should be such that characters are visible on-screen to one-another; ranged characters (such as spell-casters) will distance themselves further.

Once in position, players signal their readiness to begin by saying "go" (or "g"). Only once both players have said "go" may either character engage the other in any form.

The duel ends when either character dies or violates any one of the rules listed in Rules of engagement.

It is often considered courteous to follow-up a duel with the phrase "good duel" (frequently shortened to "gd") irrespective of the outcome.

Rules of engagement

The following is prohibited during the course of a duel. Failure to adhere is considered an implicit forfeit.

  • Restoring health via any means (e.g, consuming a healing potion)
  • Entering the town area
  • Evading your opponent for excessively long periods of time
  • Restoring mana if you have the Energy Shield skill active
  • Activating a shrine

Terms of Use

By accessing D2GA you agree to the following:


  1. Perform any action that directly or indirectly causes disruption of the services provided.
  2. Attempt to circumvent access restrictions or other punitive measures.
  3. Use 3rd party software not expressly authorized.
  4. Harass or abuse other users. This includes (but is not limited to): hate-speech and racist, sexually aggressive or discriminatory remarks.
  5. Access the service by way of proxy or other means where-in you are not directly and unambiguously addressable via the public internet.
  6. Interact with the service (software or otherwise) in a way that was not intended by it's governing entities.
  7. Attempt to interpret legal documents ostensibly intended for your consumption.

Failure to adhere to the stipulations set forth in this agreement may render you suspended from accessing services provided by D2GA.

This document is subject to change at any time and without prior warning.

PvP Rankings

Rank Name Kills Deaths Last Online
You must be logged in to view this data.

Do I need to install anything to access D2GA?


Can people cheat by bringing "hacked" characters into the game?

No. The game-server software checks that all characters conform to the game rules.

If a player does attempt to join with such a character they will be placed in a special game called Void (the only game accessible to such characters)

Where do I acquire items?

Kurast Docks (Act III) vendors. Use the portal from Cathedral where you enter the game.

Where do I acquire gold?

There is currently no means to set your gold. This will be implemented in the future.

Note: Gold is not required for vendors; the price displayed can be ignored.

How do I reset my skills and stats?

Purchase a Token of Absolution from Akara in Kurast.

Can I use "bugged" items (e.g, "Hybrids")?


How can I control my character's level?

Use the setlevel chat command. For example: .setlevel 99 will set your level to 99.

How do I socket an item?

The standard horadric cube recipes or use a character-editor.

How do I acquire an item not available from the vendors?

Use a character-editor to supplement what is not available in-game. Alternatively you may consider asking another player to create the item for you.

How do I see all players in the player-list menu?

Use the squelch/mute buttons (ear/mouth icons) next to any player to cycle through the "pages" of players.

Why can't I see the life-bar of other players?

This arises when there more than 8 players in-game. Only players on the current page of your player-list will have their life-bar correctly displayed.

Where is the D2GA server located?

D2GA is hosted on dedicated physical hardware within a Montreal (Canada) data-center.

How can I enter the game faster and/or reduce my lag?

Use D2EX

What is the difference between joining from and via TCP/IP?

When joining via your connection is proxied through another machine on a residental internet connection, resulting in increased latency (lag) and unreliability.

I don't want to duel. Can I use D2GA's facilitaties for single-player?

Yes, you are welcome to use D2GA's services as you see fit.

Where can I get "hacked" items?

Such items are prohibited, however, you may have some luck asking players in the Void game (this is the only game on D2GA where-in invalid items are usable)

I would like to help administrate the game; how do I become a moderator?

We'll call you (so don't ask)